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Blotchy Skin

More than meets the eye
It is dramatic and unexpected. It looks just like a regular picture, but reveals an alarming truth. A photograph of your face taken by a special photocamera penetrates the top layer of the epidermis to show the effects of solar radiation on the skin.

Darker freckles. New and deeper wrinkles. A speckled, haggard complexion.

Whether your skin today is fair and smooth or already weathering the effects of time, this image offers a prediction of what will eventually happen to your face.

Why pigmentation problems happen

The skin on your face has more has more oil glands, blood vessels, and nerve endings than the skin on the trunk, arms, and legs combined. It’s also more thin than elsewhere on the body. When these intricate circuits become irritated or inflamed, they appear more pronounced on the skin.

Also, the face is exposed to the sun and the elements throughout the year, so early signs of sun damage, including discoloration, roughness, fine lines, tend to appear on the face first.

Bright future

Pearly whites are all the rage, and skin is keeping close behind.

There are some cosmetic and medical procedures that can help even out skin tones, lighten your complexion and heal sun-damaged skin. But for less dramatic adjustments there’s Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Anti-Aging Brightening Complex, a product uniquely formulated to target age-related pigmentation problems both reactively and preventively. This cream glides on to leave skin brighter and more radiant. Emblica extract and Kojic Acid fade dark spots, while Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid boost the skin’s natural renewal process.

In addition, the best step to avoid skin pigment problems is to preserve its natural color. Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Anti-Aging Sun Care provides SPF 30 protection against UVA and UVB rays, and the powerful antioxidant Super Oxide Dismutase fights environmental free-radical damage, which has toxic effects upon skin cells.

For dark circles and fine lines around the eye area, dab on Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM White Peony Eye Contour. Pat this rich cream on gently, alone or under makeup, and just watch your eyes eventually grow firmer and brighter.