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Dr. Wu has served thousands of patients and customers in her Los Angeles dermatological practice and in area hospitals, and she prides herself on the relationships she builds with each one.

You’ve read enough from us. Now read from the people Dr. Wu has helped. We could only fit a few of the testimonials into the space below, but they offer an idea of how people are responding to Dr. Wu’s practice and pharmaceutical line!

“My two teenage daughters and I love Dr. Wu’s Refining Cleanser. It does wonders for our oily skin. It’s not too drying, and it cleans well.”

“Dr. Wu’s Dew Cream is amazing. The other moisturizers don’t even compare. My makeup goes on smoother and my face stays soft all day—but it’s not greasy! My husband has started using it too!”

“My face feels so soft and smooth, and people are telling me my skin glows. The sun damage and freckles are so much lighter since I’ve started using Dr. Wu’s Anti-Aging Brightening Complex. I love how it makes my skin look and feel.”

“Dr. Wu’s products are my favorite items in my makeup bag. The Dew Cream has all the qualities I’ve looked for in a moisturizer – it’s light, odorless, and it softens my skin as soon as it touches it. I love it! The Anti-Aging Brightening Complex is the best anti-aging treatment I have ever tried for getting rid of my sun spots. With only a small dab every other day, I can actually see them fading."

“It works like magic. I’ve tried everything else out there for my feet, and Dr. Wu’s Heel and Elbow Cream is the best. My feet are so smooth—even my manicurist was amazed. I’m going to give jars of the cream as presents for my family and friends.”

“I’m in my mid-thirties, and I’ve been bothered by all the sun spots, fine lines, and an overall blotchiness whenever I looked in the mirror. But after using Dr. Wu’s Anti-Aging Brightening Complex on a daily basis, my skin has become noticeably smoother and more evenly toned. Even other dermatologists have remarked on the renewed texture and radiance of my skin. Thank you for restoring the youthful glow I had in my 20’s, and thank you for creating a product that works beautifully at making me look and feel beautiful.”