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Anti Aging

Better than alchemy

Once upon a time, medieval alchemists promised youth everlasting. But this was a gross case of false advertising, and when the myth was finally dispelled by real scientists, most of the alchemists ended up burned at the stake by angry mobs.

It’s still a mystery why cells age, but hopefully today’s researchers will meet a better fate.

We know that aging occurs when the cellular division process starts to slow down, due to a combination of factors including heredity, environmental trauma and their own internal clocks. For skin cells, one of the strongest proven causes of both internal and visible aging is exposure to sunlight.

Protect yourself now

There’s a reason why some people look younger than others. Part of it has to do with genetics and environment, but a lot of it also has to do with prevention. It’s simple: the best thing you can do for your skin is protect it from the sun and keep it hydrated.

That’s why Dr. Wu formulated Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Anti-Aging Sun Care, which combines a moisturizer with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. You need to block both of these types of radiation, because they target the skin at different depths. Not all sunscreens cover both, and not all moisturize, leaving you dangerously exposed. And most crucially, powerful anti-oxidants in the Anti-Aging Sun Care work to actually repair skin while it prevents new damage. Apply the sunscreen in the morning before leaving the house, and reapply if you’re heading for the beach. Some people keep a bottle in their cars in case the clouds melt and they need a boost.

Besides protecting it from the sun, keeping skin free of impurities, bacteria and environmental pollutants will help prevent infections and irritations. Wash with the Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Refining Cleanser morning and night. This powerful but gentle formula contains Glycolic Acid, which smoothes skin over time.

Heal existing damage

Save for an elixir of life, there’s no way to “reverse” aging.

However, science today does offer ways of stimulating cellular generation and slowing down the process by which they age. Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Anti-Aging Brightening Complex contains an unprecedented combination of botanical extracts and gentle acids to fade dark spots and antioxidants, a key ingredient for keeping cells healthy.