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Dry Skin

Do not dry clean

There’s dry skin, and then there’s dry skin. You know. You’re static charging every doorknob you touch, you can hear your pores rasp against each other, and your heels feel like sun-baked rawhide.

Dryness and sensitivity occur when harsh soaps and detergents strip skin of its natural oils. Skin also can dry out in winter months and in arid climates.

This condition is more than annoying. It’s unhealthy. Your skin does a lot more keep your insides from spilling out. It’s your body’s largest organ, allowing it to breathe, keeping toxins out and facilitating movement.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep skin nourished.

The 1-2-3’s of hydration

First, start with a skin regimen that keeps you hydrated around the clock. Before bed, apply Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Dew Cream to your face, neck, and chest. Your body does its growing and healing as you sleep, so this this cream’s antioxidant nourishment will go a long way at night. Also apply the Dew Cream after taking a bath or shower, when your skin still has a little water on it, to lock in moisture. In the morning and before bed, wash your face with Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Unlike soap, which dries skin out, this gently and effectively strips skin of impurities, but salvages the skin’s natural oils.

Second, moisturize preventively. Dry skin contributes to aging, So gently patting Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM White Peony Eye Contour around the delicate eye area will preserve suppleness and discourage new fine lines from forming. Also, applying sunscreen is one of the best things you can do for dry skin. Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Anti-Aging Sun Care contains a sunblock, moisturizer and anti-oxidants in one, for protection, hydration and rejuvenation.