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Laser microdermabrasion

Wouldn’t it be nice to waltz into the office and waltz out like new? But since your body needs time to heal, it’s important to give it that extra boost for cellular growth and nourishment.

If you’ve had a procedure done, including laser, microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, it’s essential to keep skin clean post-operatively. Wash the area every morning and night with Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Gentle Foaming Cleanser, which is specifically designed for sensitive and post-procedure skin.

When you head outside, it’s imperative to put on sunscreen, since these procedures expose the raw, underlying layers of the skin. These are extremely fragile, and far more susceptible to sunburn than the weathered skin which used to be in their place. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Anti-Aging Sun Care provides powerful, broad spectrum protection, and it’s designed to be gentle on any type of skin. Finally, to encourage healing, keep the area nourished and hydrated with Dr. Jessica Wu CosmeceuticalsTM Dew Cream. This light cream glides on smoothly and softens skin on contact. It’s an indulgence for all skin types, and an essential component of any restorative regimen.