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About Dr. Wu

Jessica Wu is a dermatologist, skin care entrepreneur and author in Los Angeles whose mission is to help you live a more beautiful life.

I empower people with the knowledge they need to take care of their skin and their health, and I'm realistic about my advice.

Having suffered with skin rashes as a child, and later, struggling with terrible teenage acne, Jessica developed an obsession with skin care and beauty products at an early age. Cursed with the triple threat of bad skin, coke bottle glasses, and painful shyness, she haunted the drugstore aisles, trying every remedy for acne and developing an early addiction to lipgloss.

I firmly believe that I am helping people change their lives and helping them look and feel more healthy and beautiful. And that can be as powerful as what my classmates are doing.

Now, she has a thriving private practice, where she takes care of some of Hollywood’s most famous (and not so famous) faces. She is also Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at USC, where she volunteers her time to teach medical students and doctors in training. Known for her expertise in Cosmetic Dermatology, she is frequently invited to lecture at prestigious local and national medical conferences and has been Principal Investigator in several studies of anti-aging treatments that have resulted in FDA approval, including Juvederm filler and Latisse lash growth product. Still the science nerd, she continues to research the latest products and procedures.

Aging gracefully means taking care of your health and your skin, not simply giving up, whether that means using the right skin care basics or coming to the office for periodic “beauty treatments”.

In 2005, Jessica developed and introduced her own skin care line – Dr Jessica Wu Cosmeceuticals – which fuses Chinese herbs with modern antioxidants. Inspired by her mother and grandmother (who are proof that a lifetime of eating well and taking care of their skin are the best anti-aging secret), she combines the best of Eastern tradition and Western science.

As an insider in the skin care business, she gets her hands on the newest, latest beauty loot months before they’re widely available. She often shares these sneak peeks with readers of her daily e-newsletter, Dr Jessica Wu Hollywood Dermatologist, which has over 250,000 subscribers. In addition, she is the Skin and Beauty expert for EverydayHealth.com, the #1 online health destination, and Dermatology Expert for DailyGlow.com. She now gets hundreds of questions from around the world, recently answering an e-mail from a young girl from Katmandu.

I provide patients hope and the information they need to take care of their skin.

Jessica’s first book, titled Feed Your Face, will be published by St. Martin’s press in February 2011. She wrote this book to show that eating well isn’t just a way to control your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Eating the right foods can give you younger, smoother, brighter skin, and it can be easy, fun, and delicious.

You can often catch Jessica being interviewed on TV, where she has appeared on programs like Good Morning America, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, and local and national news and entertainment shows. She has co-hosted episodes of “The Doctors” syndicated talk show and has often appeared on the KTLA morning news in Los Angeles. She has been interviewed on National Public Radio, and has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, People, Newsweek, Elle, Allure, and Women’s Wear Daily.

When she’s not in her office, writing, or traveling, she divides her leisure time between fitness activities and supporting charitable organizations. She is co-founder of a nonprofit organization, BeautyShares Inc., that is dedicated to building confidence and self-esteem in disadvantaged young women through after-school workshops on grooming, skincare, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyles.